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Florida Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners in Florida are up against the elements and always need to keep in mind the essential coverage types needed to keep your property, its contents, and its inhabitants safe. Weather damage is a chief concern in the Sunshine State, and and any shopper should be sure to include enough coverage for the basics such as fire, windstorm, and theft. You may also want to protect your home against flooding, which is not included in the basic form homeowners’ policy.


Coverage Types

Various home insurance types are available. Below, we will itemize the most common home insurance plans available and what they include.


For your Home


HO-1 – Basic Form

  • Smoke/Fire
  • Explosions
  • Lightning
  • Vandalism
  • Theft
  • Windstorm/Hail
  • Damage caused by vehicles
  • Damage resulting from aircraft
  • Rioting
  • Volcanic activity


HO-2 – Broad Form


Broad Form Coverage includes the same selection of perils covered by a Basic Form Policy, with a few key additions. HO-2 home insurance is a more typical policy selection because it addresses more than the bare minimum.

  • Falling object
  • Weight from Ice, Snow, Sleet
  • Frozen air conditioner, heating, or other household systems
  • Accidental and sudden damage to household systems (e.g. cracking, tearing, burning, expanding pipes)
  • Accidental water damage from steam or overflow
  • Damage caused suddenly and accidentally from an artificial electrical current


HO-3 – Special Form


Despite the moniker, Special Form is actually the most common homeowners coverage chosen by individuals. HO-3 policies supply a wide range of coverage at a reasonable rate, covering all items in the HO2 – Broad Form policy, and then some.

HO-3 does not restrict coverage only to a list of specified perils, which offers greater financial protection than HO-2 coverage as a result. These policies often cover your house, any attached structures (such as a deck, greenhouse, porch, or garage), your belongings, and your personal liability in the event of accidental injury to someone else or damage to another person’s property.

HO-3 plans are very similar to another type of coverage called HOB. The difference lies in that the HOB form usually offers greater coverage against water damage for residents of coastal areas. As a Florida Homeowner, you will surely want to discuss the HOB form with an agent to better understand how it will protect your home.



HO-5 – Comprehensive Form

You can rely on HO-5 coverage when you wish to cover the gamut of perils you could experience as a Florida homeowner. HO-5 is an open-peril policy form, similar to the HO-3, providing insurance for any range of perils except for those excluded by the carrier.

Common Exclusions Include:

  • Flooding
  • Water damage
  • Mold, fungus, rotting
  • Pets and other animals
  • Earth movement (e.g. mudslide, earthquake)
  • General wear-and-tear, neglect, or deterioration
  • Foundational settling, shrinking, or distortion
  • Damage from rodent/wildlife/insect infestation
  • Intentional Loss
  • Ordinance or law
  • Smog, corrosion, rust
  • Nuclear hazard, war, government action


HO-8 – Older Home Form

Although most construction in Florida is fairly recent, you may have an older house. If so, you’ll understand the need for a modified policy to address specific perils. Essentially, HO-8 is an HO-3 policy that includes adjustments in coverage to accommodate your home’s older architecture and systems.

Historic homes often use this type of coverage, as well as registered landmarks.


For your Rental

HO-4 – Renters Insurance


Tenant’s form, or Renters Insurance covers a limited number of items as it pertains specifically to insuring belongings and providing personal liability coverage. The building structure is insured by the landlord when you are a renter. Belongings are generally insured against the same perils as HO-2 policies for homeowners, including fire, windstorm, theft, and accidental damages caused by household systems.




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